• Buffers and accessory products (39)

    Antifade fluorescence mounting media, cell fixation & permeabilization buffers, blocking buffers, electrophoresis running buffers, reducing agents, mini-cell scrapers, Pap pens, and more.
  • Cell biology (1147)

    Wide selection of fluorescent cell stains, viability assays, ion indicators, enzyme substrates, and more.
  • Enzyme substrates (67)

    Fluorogenic and chromogenic substrates for caspases, peptidases, luciferases, beta-galactosidase, beta-glucuronidase, peroxidases, reductases, and phosphatases.
  • Genomics (164)

    EvaGreen qPCR dye and master mixes, GelRed and GelGreen nucleic acid gel stains, AccuBlue and AccuClear DNA quantitation kits, and more.
  • Image and Flow Cytometry (460)

    Buffers, conjugates, staining kits, and viability assays for flow cytometry, including our AccuEasy kit for improved detection of cell surface markers in adherent cells by flow cytometry.
  • In-Vivo Imaging (12)

    Bright, photostable, and water-soluble near-infrared CF dyes are ideal for in vivo detection; available as reactive dyes, labeling kits, conjugates. CellBrite Near-IR membrane stains also available.
  • Ion indicators (62)

    Fluorescent ion and pH indicators and their membrane-permeable AM ester derivitives.
  • Microbiology (30)

    Reagents and kits for fluorescent Gram staining and bacterial viability assays, and PMA dye for qPCR-based bacterial viability quantitation.
  • Proteomics (298)

    Dyes, reagents and kits for protein staining, quantitation, labeling and modification.