AccuEasy Flow Cytometry Kit


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Product Description

The conventional flow cytometry method for analyzing cell surface markers on adherent cells requires detachment of cells from their culture surface before subjecting to antibody staining. Unfortunately, cell detachment introduces a significant stress to cells which can lead to changes in expression of cell surface markers. In addition, multiple centrifugation step often are required during the antibody staining, which is not only laborious, but also can lead to cell loss. The AccuEasy™ flow cytometry kit offered by Biotium providing you a much simpler, more accurate and often more sensitive method for detecting cell surface markers on adherent cells than the conventional method. The AccuEasy™ method eliminates laborious centrifugation steps. More importantly, AccuEasy™ allows you to detect cell surface marker expression on cells in their native adherent state without perturbation caused by cell detachment. The AccuEasy™ method can yield substantially higher fluorescence signal for cell surface markers compared to conventional methods. See our Flow Cytometry Brochure for more products for flow cytometry.


Flyer (PDF): FL-AccuEasy
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 30069
Protocol (PDF): PI-30069

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