Catalog #: 90113.

Product Description

Aminooxy-biotin can be used to covalently attach biotin to a molecule with an aldehyde or ketone group. The aminooxy group reacts with an aldehyde or ketone group to form a stable oxime linkage in an aqueous solution under neutral condition. The reaction is fast and can be further accelerated by adding aniline as a catalyst. Thus, aminooxy reagents are superior to hydrazide reagents, which also react with aldehydes or ketones but form unstable hydrazone linkages. Please download the product information pdf file for detailed description on this product and a list of additional aminooxy reagents, including aminooxy-biotin and our exceptionally bright and photostable CF™ dyes functionalized with an aminooxy group.

1. Biochemistry 32, 8276-8283 (1993).
2. Biochemistry 31, 3703-3708 (1992).
3. PNAS 97, 686-691 (2000).

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 90113
Protocol (PDF): PI-90113

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