CellBrite Red Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye


Catalog #: 30023.

Product Description

CellBrite™ Red Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye is designed to label cell cytoplasmic membranes with red fluorescence. The labeling is stable and nontoxic, suitable for long-term tracking of cells. The kit utilizes the highly red fluorescent and lipophilic membrane dye DiD (catalog no. 60014) (Abs/Em: 644/663 nm) pre-dissolved in an optimized staining solution. Similar to our other lipophilic carbocyanine dyes, DiD has two long C18 hydrocarbon chains that insert into the lipid bilayer, resulting in stable labeling which is resistant to intercellular dye transfer (1). Moreover, DiD is very photostable, which should facilitate microscopic studies of the stained cells. Cell staining is accomplished by adding the supplied dye solution directly to normal culture media, followed by a brief incubation period. By combining multiple CellBrite™ Cytoplasmic Membrane Stains, one can label multiple cell populations with different colors for studies of cell-cell interactions.


  • DiD cell-labeling solution


  • Simple: Cell staining by direct addition of the supplied dye solution to normal culture media
  • Stable Labeling: Highly lipophilic cyanine dye ensuring no dye transfer between cells
  • Bright, Photostable and Nontoxic: Carbocyanine dye with high fluorescent quantum yield, high photostability and relatively low toxicity.

1. J Cell Biol 103, 171 (1986).
2. J Cell Biol 135,63 (1996).

Protocol (PDF): PI-30021, 30022, 30023

1 mL

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