CF488A SE Protein Labeling Kit


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Product Description

This protein labeling kit comprises the green fluorescent dye CF™488A in succinimidyl ester (SE) form and other necessary materials for labeling 3×1 mg antibody. CF™488A is a superior alternative to the traditional green fluorescent dye FITC (or fluorescein) owing to its exceptional brightness and photostability. CF™488A has brightness and photostability comparable to Alexa Fluor 488. However, protein conjugates prepared from CF™488A are more specific than those prepared from Alexa Fluor 488 because CF™488A, being minimally charged, does not significantly change the isoelectric points of the proteins as Alexa Fluor® 488 does (please download the CF™488A dye flyer for more details).

Compatible with the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.

Download a list of CF dye references.

Flyer (PDF): FL-CF488A
MSDS (PDF): MSDS CFdye protein labeling kit
Protocol (PDF): PI-CF-SE-Kits

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