CF660R Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Fluorescein (FITC)


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Product Description

Monoclonal mouse anti-fluorescein reacts with the fluorescein moiety of FITC and FAM. This product is prepared by labeling high quality monoclonal mouse anti-fluorescein IgG with the far-red fluorescent dye CF™660R. CF™660R absorbs at 663 nm but can still be sufficiently excited by the 633 or 635 nm laser with emission at 682 nm in the borderline spectral region between far-red and near-IR fluorescence. CF™660R is significantly brighter than the spectrally similar Alexa Fluor® 660. More importantly, CF™660R is extremely photostable, making the dye ideal for confocal microscopy.

Compatible with the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.



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