Methyl Coelenterazine


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Product Description

Methyl coelenterazine (Coelenterazine, 2-methyl analog) has been reported to be a superior antioxidant for cells against reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as singlet oxygen and superoxide anion (1). The coelenterazine derivative is membrane-permeant, nontoxic and highly reactive toward ROS. As oxidative stress is believed to be a mediator of apoptosis (2), methyl coelenterazine should be another important tool for studies of apoptosis. Coelenterazine products have been used to detect superoxide and peroxynitrite via chemiluminescence (3,4). See the coelenterazine flyer under downloads for a comparison of coelenterazine analogs.

  • Yellow solid soluble in MeOH or EtOH
  • Store at -20°C and protect from light
  • C20H17N3O2
  • MW: 331.37

1. Biochem Pharmacol 60, 471 (2000).
2. Immunol Today 15, 7 (1994).
3. Anal Biochem 206, 273 (1992).
4. Circ Res 84, 1203 (1999).

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 10122

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