TS Biotin-XX ethylenediamine


Catalog #: 92012.

Product Description

TS biotin ethylenediamine (Biotin-XX ethylenediamine thiosulfate, sodium salt) is a highly selective thiol labeling probe. Similar to the MTS group, TS (thiosulfate) group is capable of reacting with thiols at nearly neutral pH. However, unlike the MTS group , which is neutral, TS is negatively charged and thus probes bearing a TS group are ideal for specifically labeling thiols exposed at the exterior cell surface because charged probes are less likely to enter cells. The XX spacer should facilitate the interaction between biotin and avidin or streptavidin.

  • Off-white solid soluble in DMSO or water
  • Store desiccated at -20°C
  • C26H45N6NaO8S3
  • MW: 688.86


MSDS (PDF): MSDS 92012

10 mg

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