5-Aminoallyl-dUTP (AA-dUTP), lyophilized powder



Product Description

5-Aminoallyl-dUTP (AA-dUTP) in lyophilized form suitable for long-term storage. 5-Aminoallyl-dUTP can be enzymatically incorporated into DNA. The resulting amine-containing DNA can be subsequently labeled with a fluorescent dye, biotin or other haptens via conventional peptide coupling method (1,2). This two-step method for labeling nucleic acids is considerably more economical than the one-step method using a prelabeled dUTP.

  • White solid soluble in water
  • Store at -20°C
  • C12H17N3Na3O14P3
  • MW: 589.17

AA-dUTP is also available as a 10 mM solution in TE buffer.

1. Biol Chem Hoppe Seyler 371, 953 (1990).
2. Biotechniques 28, 518 (2000).

Flyer (PDF): Nucleotide Conjugates
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 40020-1

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