Acridine Orange, 10 mg/mL in water (high purity) (AO)


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Product Description

Acridine orange (AO) stains dsDNA green (525 nm) and RNA or single stranded DNA red (650 nm).The dye is membrane-permeant and its nucleic acid binding property has been used for cell-cycle studies.2,3 Acridine orange has also been used for the detection of microorganisms in cerebrospinal fluid and other clinical specimens.We offer a highly purified form of acridine orange while most of the other commercially available grades of AO are either in zinc chloride complex form or of low purity.

  • λExEm= 500/526 nm
  • Yellow solution
  • Store at 4°C and protect from light
  • C17H20ClN3
  • MW: 301.82
Compatible with the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.

1. Cytometry 12(4), 330 (1991).
2. Methods Cell Biol 33, 285 (1990).
3. J Cell Physiol 143(2), 279 (1990).
4. J. Clin. Microbiol 14(2), 201 (1981).

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 40039

10 mL

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