CF405M Streptavidin



Product Description

CF™405M streptavidin conjugate is prepared from high quality streptavidin and the fluorescent dye CF™405M. CF™405M (Ex/Em = 408/452 nm) is a blue fluorescent dye spectrally similar to Pacific Blue® dye. CF™405M is as bright as Pacific Blue® dye but is significantly more photostable than the latter. An additional advantage of CF™405M is that it has less spillover in the 525/50 green channel than Pacific Blue® dye due to narrower emission peak, making CF™405M a superior choice in multi-color detection applications. We also offer streptavidin conjugated to CF™405S (catalog no. 29032), another 405 nm-excitable dye with an even shorter emission wavelength.

Compatible with the NucleoCounter® NC-3000™.

Download a list of CF dye references.

Flyer (PDF): FL-CF405M
MSDS (PDF): MSDS-CF-dye-streptavidin
Protocol (PDF): PI-CFstreptavidin

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