CF680 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L), highly cross-adsorbed



Product Description

This product is prepared by labeling highly cross-adsorbed goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) with our near-IR fluorescent dye CF™680. The antibody has been adsorbed against human, bovine, horse, rabbit, and swine serum to minimize cross-reactivity. CF™680 is brighter than other spectrally similar dyes. Most importantly, antibody conjugates prepared from CF™680 have by far the best signal-to-noise ratio than antibody conjugates prepared from other spectrally similar dyes. This CF™680 labeled goat anti-mouse IgG is prepared from highly cross adsorbed goat anti-mouse IgG (min X Hu, Bov, Hrs, Rb and Sw). The product, in combination with our CF™770 labeled goat anti-rabbit IgG (catalog no. 20078), is an excellent choice for two-color near infrared Western blotting. It is compatible with LI-COR Odyssey® and other similar infrared imaging systems. Please also check out our CF™680R, an extremely photostable rhodamine-based near-IR dye. Please download the CF™680 & CF™680R dye flyer for more details.

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Flyer (PDF): FL-CF680R




Protocol (PDF): PI-20065


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