CoverGrip Coverslip Sealant



Product Description

CoverGrip Coverslip Sealant is the first product specifically designed for sealing the edges of wet-mounted coverslips for fluorescence microscopy. Unlike nail polish, CoverGrip Coverslip Sealant contains no ingredients that can leach into aqueous mounting medium and affect specimen fluorescence.

CoverGrip Coverslip Sealant is made with d-limonene, a natural, environmentally-friendly solvent with a pleasant citrus aroma, and dries to form a clear, hard, durable seal along the edges of the coverslip. Available in 15 mL brush-cap applicator bottles (23005) or in 100 mL dropper-cap refill bottles (23005-1).

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Flyer (PDF): FL-Covergrip
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 23005
Protocol (PDF): PI-23005

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