Product Description

ANEPPS dyes are fast responding membrane potential dyes (1). Biotium offers both Di-4-ANEPPS and Di-8-ANEPPS. Di-4-ANEPPS has the problem of being internalized in cells over long-term, so it is mainly used for short-term experiments. However, because Di-8-ANEPPS is more lipophilic, the dye is better retained in the outer leaflet of cell plasma membranes and thus more suitable for long-term membrane potential studies. Di-8-ANEPPS is also more photostable and less phototoxic than Di-4-ANEPPS (2,3).

  • λExEm (MeOH) = 498/713 nm
  • Orange red solid soluble in DMF, ethanol or DMSO
  • Store at 4°C and Protect from light, especially when in solution
  • C36H52N2O3S
  • MW:593

1. J Neurosci 15, 1392 (1995).

2. Neuron 13, 1187 (1994).

3. Neuron 9, 393 (1992).

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 61012

5 mg

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