Dihydrorhodamine 123



Product Description

Dihydrorhodamine 123 is the reduced form of rhodamine 123 (70010), which is a commonly used fluorescent mitochondrial dye. Dihydrorhodamine 123 itself is non-fluorescent, but it readily enters most of the cells and is oxidized by oxidative species or by cellular redox systems to the fluorescent rhodamine 123 that accumulates in mitochondrial membranes (1). Dihydrorhodamine 123 is useful for detecting reactive oxygen species including superoxide (in the presence of peroxidase or cytochrome c) (2,3) and peroxynitrite (4,5). Also see dihydrorhodamine 123 dihydrochloride (10056), a more stable and water soluble form of dihydrorhodamine 123.

  • White solid soluble in DMSO
  • Store at -20°C and protect from air and light, especially when in solution
  • C20H18N2O3
  • MW: 346
  • [109244-58-8]

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MSDS (PDF): MSDS 10055

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