EvaEZ Fluorometric Polymerase Activity Assay Kit



Product Description

EvaEZ™ Fluorometric Polymerase Activity Assay Kit provides an easy and accurate way to determine the activity of a nucleic acid polymerase without using radioisotopes. It contains EvaGreen® dye together with a primed template, dNTPs, and MgCl2 in a Tris buffer system. In the presence of DNA polymerase activity, the primer will be extended to form a double stranded product that can bind EvaGreen dye, resulting in an increase of fluorescence. The rate of increase of fluorescence is positively correlated to the activity of polymerase. The assay was developed for the measurement of Taq DNA polymerase activity. It can also be used for other DNA polymerases such as Pfu, Vent, Phusion®, Bst, Phi29, MMLV, AMV, SuperScript®, T4 DNA polymerase, T7 DNA polymerase, Klenow, and E. coli DNA polymerase I. The activity assay can be conducted at temperatures from 4°C to 75°C.

1. BMC Research Notes 6, 360 (2013).

Flyer (PDF): Genomics & Proteomics
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 29051
Protocol (PDF): PI-29051

2 x 1 mL

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