EverBrite Mounting Medium



Product Description

Biotium’s EverBrite™ mounting medium is a revolutionary antifade mounting medium optimally formulated for preserving fluorescence of our CF™ dyes and other fluorochromes. The mounting medium permits immediate imaging of slides and tissues after sealing edges of coverslips with nail polish or Biotium’s CoverGrip™ Coverslip Sealant. After mounting, slides can be stored at 4°C for a year or longer. EverBrite™ provides a high level of protection from photobleaching over a wide range of fluorescence wavelengths.

EverBrite™ Mounting Media are available in wet-set and hardset formulations, with and without DAPI for nuclear counterstaining. See our other accessory products for cell biology research.

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Flyer (PDF): FL-EverBrite Wetset & Hardset
MSDS (PDF): MSDS-EverBrite
Protocol (PDF): PI-23001, 23002

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