Fast EvaGreen qPCR Master Mix



Product Description

Fast Evagreen® qPCR Master Mix is a PCR reagent suitable for qPCR using a fast cycling protocol. The reagent system uses two of our breakthrough PCR technologies, Evagreen® qPCR dye and Cheetah™ Taq hotstart DNA polymerase, to deliver superior results when compared to other commercial master mixes.

  • Evagreen® dye: Evagreen® DNA-binding dye selectively binds to dsDNA via a novel “release-on-demand” mechanism that ensures low PCR inhibition and thus permits the dye to be used at a relatively high concentration for melt curve analysis signal. Because the dye is spectrally similar to FAM or SYBR® Green I, the dye is compatible with all commercial qPCR instruments. Moreover, unlike SYBR® Green I and SYBR GreenER®, Evagreen® dye is extremely stable. Finally, Evagreen® dye is nonmutagenic and noncytotoxic.
  • Cheetah™ Taq: Cheetah™ Taq is a new, chemically modified hotstart DNA polymerase. Unlike Amplitaq Gold®, Cheetah™ Taq can be activated in as little as two minutes under standard hotstart condition (i.e., 94°C in pH 8-9 Tris) with high activity recovery. Also unlike antibody-based hotstart polymerases, such as Platinum® Taq, Cheetah™ Taq is completely inactive at room temperature and has intrinsically low DNA contamination. In addition, Cheetah™ Taq is generally more stable at -20°C or 4°C than AmpliTaq Gold®, ensuring that the master mix maintains its peak performance following storage at low temperature.

EvaGreen dye and applications are covered under US patent nos. 7,803,943 and 7,776,567 and pending international patents. Cheetah Taq is covered by pending US and international patents.

Mao, et al. Characterization of EvaGreen Dye and the implication of its physicochemical properties for qPCR applications. BMC Biotechnology 7, 76 (2007).

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Flyer (PDF): Genomics & Proteomics
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 31003
Protocol (PDF): PI-31003
Safety Report (PDF): EG safety

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