Furaptra (Mag-Fura-2), tetrasodium salt



Product Description

Mag-Fura-2 is a UV-excitable fluorescent indicator for magnesium with a Kd of 1.9 mM. Similar to Fura-2, the excitation wavelength of Mag-Fura-2 undergoes a blue shift from 369 nm to 330 nm. Mag-Fura-2 also responds to Ca2+ but with a significantly lower Kd than Fura-2 for Ca2+. An important application of Mag-Fura-2 is its use in detecting high, transient Ca2+ concentration during Ca2+ spikes. Mag-Fura-2/tetrasodium salt can be loaded into cells by microinjection or scrape loading. Also see Mag-Fura-2, tetrapotassium salt (50035) and the cell membrane-permeant Mag-Fura-2 AM ester (50037, 50038, 50039).

  • Light yellow solid soluble in water (pH > 6)
  • Store at 4°C and protect from light
  • C18H10N2Na4O11
  • MW: 523

1. PNAS 86, 2981 (1989).
2. Am J Physiol 256, C540 (1989).
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MSDS (PDF): MSDS 50036

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