HotStart Polymerase Modification Kit



Product Description

The HotStart Polymerase Modification Kit provides an easy way to reversibly modify lysine residues of thermostable DNA polymerase, rendering the enzyme inactive. The modification is reversed after heating to >90°C. HotStart modification of DNA polymerase for PCR prevents amplification of non-specific PCR products due to low stringency annealing of primers at low temperature during reaction assembly. The trial size kit (29054-T) is sufficient for modifying 0.1 mg polymerase, while the regular size kit (29054) is sufficient for modifying 0.5 mg polymerase. Biotium also offers the WarmStart™ Enzyme Modification Kit (catalog no. 29053) for temperature control of non-thermostable enzymes. For concentration measurement of polymerase before modification, we offer the AccuOrange Protein Quantitation Kit for highly sensitive fluorometric measurement of purified protein concentration.


Flyer (PDF): Genomics & Proteomics
MSDS (PDF): MSDS 29054
Protocol (PDF): PI-29054

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