Product Description

L-NIL (N6-(1-Iminoethyl)-lysine, hydrochloride) is a potent and selective inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase that exhibits about 28-fold greater selectivity for inducible nitric oxide synthase (IC50 = 3.3 uM) than for the rat brain constitutive enzyme (IC50 = 92 uM). It exhibits about 10-fold greater inhibitory potency than NG-monomethyl-L-arginine in inhibiting γ-interferon-induced NO2– production (IC50 = 460 nM). Also see our NOS inhibitor kit (249).

  • White solid soluble in water
  • Store at -20°C
  • C8H18ClN3O2
  • MW: 223.7
  • [150403-89-7]

1. J Med Chem 77, 3886 (1994).
2. Eur J Pharmacol 294(2-3), 703 (1995).
3. Biochem Pharmacol 51(4), 383 (1996).

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 00242

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