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Product Description

The NC-200™ PQ Test Kit 4 is designed to validate the functionality of NucleoCounter® NC-200™ instrument. Compared to the standard PQ Test Kit, PQ Test Kit 4 offers an extended range of bead concentrations and additional viability controls.

Performance qualification (PQ) of laboratory equipment is an important part of the validation of the instrument. Its purpose is to verify and document that the instrument is working reproducibly within the specified working range and limits.

The NC-200™ PQ Test Kit 4 consists of three preparations in different concentrations of fluorescent beads with different blue/green ratios and a PQ test plan with information on the tests to be performed on the instrument.

The NC-200™ PQ Test Kit 4 is part of the NucleoCounter® Service Plan when required for full instrument testing.

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995-0072 SDS ChemoMetec Test Kits (UK) v1.1

Technical Notes


994-0223 Tech Note NC-200 PQ Kit 4 Lot 0719-201

994-0223 Tech Note NC-200 PQ Kit 4 Lot 0519-204


994-0223 Tech Note NC-200 PQ Kit 4 Lot 0918-19

994-0223 Tech Note NC-200 PQ Kit 4 Lot 0418-11

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