NucleoCounter® Cleaning Kit


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Product Description

The NucleoCounter® Cleaning Kit is developed for regular cleaning of the NucleoCounter® instruments, cassette insertion area, optical elements and in the event of a liquid spill with certain instruments. It contains specialized Alpha® swabs, which clean the instrument parts without scratching or otherwise damaging the surfaces.

Refer to Tech Note 994-0016 Cleaning Guide for NucleoCounter® Family for detailed instructions on cleaning the NucleoCounter® NC-100™, SP-100™, YC-100™ or SCC-100™ instruments.

Refer to Tech Note 994-0029 Cleaning Guide for NucleoCounter® NC-250™ and NC-3000™ for detailed instructions on cleaning the NucleoCounter® NC-250™ and NC-3000™ instruments.

Please refer to the documents below for further details. Order the product in our Webshop.

NOTE: This Cleaning Kit should not be used with NucleoCounter® NC-200™ or NC-202™ instruments. These instruments require no cleaning. Please contact our Technical Support Team at if you have any further questions about cleaning your instrument.

Use for

Cleaning of the NucleoCounter® NC-100™, SP-100™YC-100™SCC-100™NC-250™ and NC-3000™ instruments.

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