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Product Description

The PI-Cassette™ is a specialized device with the fluorescent dye propidium iodide (PI) immobilized in the interior flow channels of the disposable cassette. When the cassette has been loaded with approximately 60 µl of sample mixture the PI is dissolved and mixed with the cell sample, staining the nuclei of dead cells. PI-Cassettes™ can be used to perform viability and cell counts on mammalian and yeast cells in the NC-3000™, where it is used in conjunction with Solution 10 and Reagent Y100 respectively.

PI-Cassette™ is used in NC-3000™.











Conformity Statement

Conformity Statement

Application Notes

Count of PI Stained Cells – Total Count of Mammalian Cells

Count and Viability of PI Stained Mammalian Cells

Count of PI Stained Cells – Total Count of Yeast Cells

Count and Viability of PI Stained Yeast Cells

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