Reagent A100, 500ml


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Product Description

Reagent A100 is a low pH solution used to lyse and thus disaggregate cells. It is used in conjunction with reagent B.

Reagent A100 and B are developed for the NC-100™ where these reagents are used for total cell count.

Also used with the NC-200™, NC-250™ and NC-3000™ for “Count of Aggregated Cells A100 and B Assay”. This counting method is typically performed on cells grown on micro carriers.


995-0004 SDS Reagent A100 (UK) v4-1

Application Notes

NC-3000™ Counting Aggregated Cells using NC-Slides® with Reagent A100 and B Count of PI Stained Cells – Total Count of Mammalian Cells Count and Viability of PI Stained Mammalian Cells Viability and Cell Count using Via1-Cassette™ with Reagent A100 and B Viability and Cell Count using NC-slides A2™ with Reagent A100 and B Counting Aggregated Cells using the Via1-Cassette™ with Reagent A100 and B™ with Reagent A100 and B NC-250™ Counting Aggregated Cells using the NC-Slides® with Reagent A100 and B Viability and Cell Count using NC-Slides® A2™ with Reagent A100 and B NC-200™ Viability and Cell Count using the Via1-Cassette™ with Reagent A100 and B Counting Aggregated Cells using the Via1-Cassette™ with Reagent A100 and B NC-100™ Protocol for enzymatic nuclei dissociation of multi-layered hepatocytes – Total cell counts Total cell count and viability of microcarrier cell cultures Cell counts and viability – Reagent A100


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