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VitaBright-48™ is a non-fluorescent compound, however, it forms a strongly fluorescent product inside viable cells. VitaBright-48™ stains cells in an intensity-dependent manner reflecting their redox status. A high fluorescence intensity of a particular cell indicates that the cell has a high level of reduced thiols. VitaBright-48™ is a marker for detection of mid-stage to late apoptosis in mammalian cells.

Microtube with 100 µl Solution 20 – VitaBright-48™.

The solution contains VitaBright-48 (1 mM ~ 298 µg/ml ~ 0.03%) in DMSO.

Solution 20 – VitaBright-48™ enables the user to detect changes in the level of reduced thiols such as GSH in apoptotic cells or cells undergoing other pathological processes. As the level of reduced thiols is an indicator of the overall health status, this assay provides a very easy and fast way to evaluate cell vitality.

Used with NC-3000™


SDS Solution 20

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