SynaptoGreen C4 (FM1-43)



Product Description

A widely used green fluorescent dye for following synaptic activity by staining synaptic vesicles at the synapse or neuromuscular junctions. When used in combination with the red fluorescent dye SynaptoRed™ (70021), synapses or neuromuscular junctions can be imaged independently in two colors. Research results from the Tsien and Kay labs showed that brain slices can be stained with SynaptoGreen™ when SR101 (Sulforhodamine 101, 80101) or ADVASEP-7 (70029) is used to reduce the background staining. Biotium offers several Nerve Terminal Staining Kits for staining brain slices.

  • λExEm: 510/625 nm (in MeOH); 480/598 nm (in membranes)
  • Red solid soluble in water
  • C30H49Br2N3
  • MW: 612

Please also see AM1-43 (70024).

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Flyer (PDF): Nerve Terminal Dyes


MSDS (PDF): MSDS 70020, MSDS 70022


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