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Product Description

The Via2-Cassette™ is a specialized cell sampling and staining device for NucleoCounter® instruments. It contains two immobilized fluorophores, acridine orange (AO) and DAPI.

Approximately 60 µl of cell sample is loaded into the cassette, dissolving the AO and DAPI in the mixing channels. AO stains all cells in the sample, both live and dead cells, thus providing a total count and acting as a stain to locate the cells. DAPI stains the dead cells.

Each cassette carries an individual dot-code indicating the exact volume of its counting chamber, for accurate calculation of the cell concentration in each sample. This dot-code is read by the NucleoCounter® instrument at time of analysis and is used by the software to calculate cell concentration. The total volume of analysis within the counting chamber is approximately 1.35 µl.

The Via2-Cassette™ is used with the Nucleocounter® NC-202™ instrument.

It is also used for cell cultures exposed to environmental stress factors such as freezing, heat shock or oxidative stress, with the NucleoCounter® NC-200™ instrument. When analyzing these samples, the Via2-Cassette™ should only be used with the ‘Viability and Cell Count Assay – Via2″ protocol provided by Chemometec Support.















Conformity Statement

Conformity Statement

Application Notes NucleoCounter® NC-200™

994-0224 v. 1.1 Mammalian Cells – Viability and Cell Count with the Via2-Cassette

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