WarmStart Enzyme Modification Kit


Product Description

This is a special order product. The WarmStart™ Enzyme Modification Kit allows temperature control of enzyme activity to be applied to non-thermostable enzymes like reverse transcriptase. Similar to our HotStart polymerase modification reagent (catalog no. 29054), the enzyme is inactivated by modification of lysine residues with a novel chemical modifier. While HotStart modification is reversed by heating to 90°C or higher, WarmStart™ protein activity is restored by heating to 45°C or higher. Potential applications include modification of:

  • Reverse transcriptase
  • Bst DNA polymerase
  • E. coli DNA polymerase I
  • Restriction enzymes
  • Nucleases
  • Proteases

The trial size WarmStart™ modification kit (cat. no. 29053-T) contains reagents for modifying up to 0.1 mg protein. The full size kit (cat. no. 29053) contains reagents for modifying up to 0.5 mg protein.


Flyer (PDF): Genomics & Proteomics

Protocol (PDF): PI-29053

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